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Hello world! I’m Krystal, a high-energy, passionate marketing and branding consultant with experience in market entry strategy between Asia and the West. Since 2007, I’ve pioneered cross-cultural marketing strategies for some of Japan’s biggest rock artists such as X Japan and SUGIZO, and with companies such as Jrock Revolution and YSK Entertainment. My specialties include all sorts of marketing (online & traditional), branding, publicity, and crazy solutions.

My experience working under immensely high-pressure situations has given me a knack for analyzing problems and implementing creative, effective solutions quickly. My roll-with-the-punches attitude allows me to operate well in fast-paced, stressful environments while juggling numerous responsibilities and managing interdisciplinary teams of marketers, publicists, web and graphic designers, content producers, and interns worldwide.

A Jill-of-all-trades, I have experience in strategically crafting cross-cultural and targeted global and national campaigns to market both international and domestic bands, brands, events, tours, albums/singles, and much more. The channels and tactics I employ run the gamut across online marketing, event marketing, brand marketing, traditional marketing, and social media marketing & management. I especially like niche marketing that utilizes street team and guerrilla marketing tactics to target primary markets.

When it comes to market entry, I help artists and brands determine the best label and licensing/synchronization partners, promoters and event organizers, and play a large role in crafting strategic publicity and marketing approaches, practices, and messaging. I secure media interest and create buzz; grow fan communities; iron out cultural hiccups; go after sponsorships and endorsements; and coordinate between all parties involved. Essentially: I make things happen for stakeholders with strong interests between Asia and the West.

On the branding side of things, I’ve built (and re-built) brands from the ground-up, overseeing the design of logos, websites, merchandise, and all other related marketing and publicity materials. I’ve built and maintained relationships with partners, merchants, and most importantly — the fans and customers. I’ve activated brands at events across the country, on rock tours, and in tandem with advertising campaigns — and have helped our brand partners and sponsors activate their audiences as well, both online and offline.

In addition to brand development and activation, I’ve served as brand ambassador at industry and networking events to raise brand awareness, acquire partnerships and clients, and build productive relationships. Whether the brand is a creative start-up or a metal rock band, relationships are what count the most. So, let’s get to know each other!

“Today everyone, whether they know it or not, is in the emotional transportation business”

“Success is won by creating compelling stories that have the power to move partners, shareholders, customers, and employees to action”

–  Peter Guber, Tell to Win


Here is an overview of Krystal’s skills and specialties

Finding creative solutions for challenging problems is one of the things I love most about marketing and branding projects. I like to believe there are solutions for every problem, and will work relentlessly to find one.


Marketing,  Branding, Strategy, Customer Experience and Engagement,  Cross-Cultural Marketing,  Music Marketing and Promotion, Event Marketing, International Marketing, Online Marketing, Social Media Marketing and Management, Street Team Marketing, Guerrilla Marketing, Niche Marketing,  Storytelling, Content Development and Management, Content Marketing, Content Acquisition, Partner Acquisition and Management


HTML, CSS, Joomla Integration, Joomla Hacking, WordPress Integration, WordPress Hacking, Adobe Creative Suite, Web Design, Graphic Design, Photo Retouching, Sony Vegas Video

English (fluent), Mandarin Chinese (fluent), Japanese (intermediate)

Content & Storytelling
Social Media


The key to success isn’t how well you’re represented

The key to success is how well you engage your audience

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I like writing about music, fan engagement, and cross-cultural marketing

If at first you don’t succeed, don’t give up

don’t be afraid to think big and large
sometimes the most creative solutions have the best results

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